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Hello group,

Currently, I'm learning PHP but meantime in a project I need to do some image processing which I believe requires a library called as gd. I will appreciate it if somebody could advise me on a book or online resource with example that I could learn how to use gd in PHP 5.

Also some questions here:

1) Can I use gd to handle Flash?
2) If no, then how can I manipulate a Flash? is there any library in PHP for Flash?
3) Any open source that I can use to handle flash in PHP?


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Julian MatzConnect With a Mentor Joint ChairpersonCommented:
Here is a list of all possible image functions in PHP:

(Left hand side).

I would create a test folder on your web server and just play around with these until you get the hang of it. Upload a number of different images or photos to the folder also for easy access.

If you have any specific questions about GD, just come back and let us know.
CyanBlueConnect With a Mentor Commented:

#1.  No, Flash has no access to the PHP library...  
#2.  You will need to call a PHP script that does whatever you need to do with GD library from Flash by using LoadVars().sendAndLoad() call...
#3.  None I am aware of...

akohanAuthor Commented:

What about any resources to learn gd programming?
Julian MatzJoint ChairpersonCommented:
Hi AK,

I find that the PHP manual is the best resource for learning about the GD functions:

There are also example scripts to help you get started.
akohanAuthor Commented:

Thanks everybody for your comments.

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