Is there a graphic ACL management tool?

I am looking for a graphic ACL (Access Control Lists) AKA "NT permissions" management tool.

I would like something that might have a display like Windows Explorer where you could search for user names in a directory tree and see which directories had the specified user name on the ACL for that directory. I understand that in Windows Explorer you can look at the properties of a given directory to see this information but I want to be able to search a tree and see which directory or directories have the user name on the ACL, by use of color (for example) or some other marking method.
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oBdAConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try ScriptLogic's Security Explorer (
For a free solution that generates usable reports (though not with much of a GUI), try DumpSec (
Then there's Sysinternal's AccessCheck ( and AccessEnum (
donanderAuthor Commented:
I downloaded the trial of Security Explorer and it does what I want. It isn't free but I didn't specify a free tool in my question. I think it is worth the cost. I've used dumpacls and it is ok, but you can't search in realtime. You have to run a report then search the report. The other tools were similarly function-limited compared to SE.
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