Divide up subnet on Cisco using switches

Our current subnet is and we are running out of IP addresses because we will be going above 255 addresses soon.  We have also had network 'loops' in the past that caused problems across our entiry subnet so we'd like a new design that would have more than one segment so we can isolate these problems better. We will be running cisco swithces and our O/S is windows 2003 AD.  

Any suggestions on how we'd go about this?
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that1guy15Connect With a Mentor Commented:

This should give you what you want. Since the 3750 is a layer 3 switch you will beable to set up intervlan routing on it. This will allow all your vlans to talk with each other.
VLANs!! VLANing will make your like a lot simpler.
A simple solution is to  just expand out your subnet? instead of a 24( bit subnet mask use a 23 bit subnet mask ( this will allow you 512 host. You could even make it simple and use a standard class B 16 bit ( that will give you way more than plenty of addresses.

If you are wanting to segment your network then yeah i would recommend setting up VLANs to split your network up. The only issue is if you need any of the devices to communicate between vlans you will need a layer three device (either router or layer 3 switch) to route the traffic. This would be the approach i would recommend.
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DeanUnitedAuthor Commented:
I failed to mention we need our network to communicate with 10 other subnets that all have the subnet mask of

Perhaps that won't matter.

Do you guys know of a good site that can provide me the basis I need to know about this sort of stuff?

DeanUnitedAuthor Commented:
basics not basis....
here is a good place to start.


If you google "Cisco vlans' you will find a lot of tutorials on VLans. If you want an in depth guide on Vlans and Cisco switching i would recommend the Cisco Press CCNP BCMSN study guide. This will give you way more information about switching than you will ever want to know

What switches and routers are in your network and i might be able to point you to more indepth information about configuring those specific devices.
DeanUnitedAuthor Commented:
We will most likely be buying cisco 3750 switches and we already have one cisco router 3400 ME (managed by another party).
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