Adobe Acrobat launch button does not appear in MS Access toolbar

I am working with a users that is now missing the Adobe Acrobat launch button that was available on her toolbar for the access database she runs. I have tried detect and repair without removing shortcuts  in MS Office and also doing a repair of Adobe with no success. Please Help!
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captainConnect With a Mentor Commented:

In case the above fails, you may have to look at the registry.

The Adobe PDF entry on the Access menu is controlled via this registry key:

have a look at
for instructions on specifying load behaviour.

If you set it to 2 it is loaded at startup.

DatabaseMX (Joe Anderson - Microsoft MVP, Access and Data Platform)Commented:
Oddly enough, the Acrobat button is separate for Access.

If you go to Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs, Acrobat Standard (or Pro) and click Modify ... you *should* be able to add in the Microsoft Access portion.

nickrundAuthor Commented:
Still no dice. Any ideas?
Could you provide some more feedback. What reg key is on load, did you change it, check permissions etc?

nickrundAuthor Commented:
This did not work for me however I believe it would have been the correct answer if I was not up against an Air Force Standard Desktop configured system. I find that many fixes that would work in the civilian work place do not work. If you have not dealt with one of these systems you would not understand just know that they have tweaked thought about tweaking and then tweaked them some more. I am just going to scrap the system or the users profile and pray for sunny weather.
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