Access to Home Network from the Internet

I have SBC Yahoo DSL at my house

My network setup is:
Internet <--> DSL Modem <--> Wireless Router <--> PC1 and PC2

I'm trying to access PC1 or PC2 from the outside (internet) either remote dekstop or ssh.
I'm not familiar with how IPs are assigned by the DSL Modem to the Wireless Router. I'm assuming the DSL Modem is acting as a DHCP server and gives an IP to the Wireless Router and the Wireless Router also has DHCP running and assigns an IP to PC1 and PC2. (Wireless Router has a private IP (assigned from DSL Modem) and PC1 and PC2 have private IPs (assigned by the Wireless Router). Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can access PC1 and PC2 from the Internet? I'm not sure if SBC yahoo DSL could do this, so if anyone has any other network connections they use for the home please let me know. Thank you.
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Well, if you have a router you can most likely configure DDNS so you can hit the external interface with a hostname instead of keeping track of dynamic IP addresses. Next you need to decide which PC you want to hit. Then you assign a static IP to that PC and forward port 2 for SSH or 3389 for RDP. You can also change the listening for for RDP on the second PC and forward that to its IP address and then you can hit both.

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I use a free application called Teamviewer from
It lets you use Remote Desktop through firewalls as it uses HTTP via port 80.  I have an small U3 version installed on my USB key and can use it anywhere.  You can use it to control the desktop as well as transfer files.  My configuration at home is identical and teamviewer works quite well!

it is free and pretty good.
ShadowColossusAuthor Commented:
Thanks for advice guys. I will look into the logmein and teamviewer com. I would like to try the dynamic dns but I have Lynkys Wireless-G Broadband Router, I have to check if my router could forward traffic like that.
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