CFINPUT datefield - icon not found

when using CFINPUT with type=datefield, on browsing the page the date icon is broken. when i look at the path for the icon, it's looking for it in a non-existing folder (http://localhost/common_scripts/images/spacer.gif - or equivalent on production svr).  where can i change a config to look elsewhere for the spacer.gif file (i can't even find that .gif on my server...)
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OceanReefClubConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
one day they just started working again. i think CFFORM is buggy.
ZvonkoSystems architectCommented:
On my server this the path of the calendar image:

OceanReefClubAuthor Commented:
mine too. the question though is why it's not being found, even when i upload to the production server. the CFIDE folder is a virtual directory in my site's root. is there a config file that controls the path to the images folder in the CFIDE? the <CFINPUT tag itself never specifies the path to the icon, so where is that path decided?
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