Add file from the network to email as a link

I want to add an exe file that is 150MB to email in Lotus Notes so people can click on it and run it. Because is so large I just want to add a link to the target on the network drive. How do I do it, so everybody in the company can run that program. Thanks!
Bob MacphersonAsked:
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In lotus Notes, you may not be able to do this due to network issues.

1) What happens if they try to run it while off line, using a local replica ?

2) What happens if they can not access the server for other reasons ?

I would simply put in the UNC name \\fileserver\share\filename

and have them copy and paste this into the run box or someting similar.

since it is so big, remind them to run it ONLY if they are on the Local LAN.

I hope this helps !

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brwwigginsIT ManagerCommented:
Everything SysExpert says is correct and you have to take that into consideration. I've used this format before but only with IE. I cannot speak for the results with other browsers

For drive letter based mappings

For UNC based mappings'

Note that if you have spaces in any of the names or paths then you must add %20 instead of a space (or elimate the space if possible). Something like file:///n:/user%20data/file.exe
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