Uploading an flv, mime type in IF statement not working

I'm trying to upload an flv file, but am having some problems.

I've extended the php.ini to allow for the file sizes, so I know it's not due to that.

At the point of my script shown below, it's not going inside the IF statement.

I'm pretty sure it's to do with the MIME as the IF statement works on uploading an image (when MIME is image/jpeg)

Any ideas?


if ($HTTP_POST_FILES['ufile']['type'][1]=="video/x-flv") {

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WarpsehConnect With a Mentor Commented:
How about trying to echo $HTTP_POST_FILES['ufile']['type'][1] to debug it, perhaps the MIME type is different to the one you check against :)
Mr_SplashAuthor Commented:
Nice one :)

It was "application/octet-stream" how bizaar
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