Any issues between 2003 R2 and Exchange 2003 sp2

Running Exchange 2003 sp2 on a pair of clustered 2003 sp1 servers.

Just updated my DCs to 2003 sp2
Need to run doman prep /forest prep from a 2003 R2 disk in order to update my schema to R2.

Any issues for my current Exchange environement if i run this schema update?

Note:  I need to run this schema update in order to add a 2003 r2 server in a remote site.
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ryansotoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There shouldnt be any issues but as always make sure to have a good backup.  I have seen a few people on the boards here say they had issues installing sp2 itself.
fbcbloodcenterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
As said above make sure you have a good backup. It should not have any adverse effects. I ran this R2 schema update about 6 months ago and did not have any problems on Exchange 2003 sp2
javajoAuthor Commented:
awarded more points to ryansoto simply because he was first to respond.

Thanks Guys!!
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