Require Particular Application To Auto Shutdown After Inactivity

Good Day Experts:

We have 25 clients that use a licensed piece of software and we only have 20 licenses. We need software on the client PC's that can be configured to shutdown this licensed software after a period of inactivity so others can have access. I don't want to shut down the PC, just close out one piece of software. Any Ideas?

Thanks As Always,

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Hi there,  the kind of inactivity timer application your looking for would be something like here :

It does exactly as you ask in your question i believe.

If you or anyone you know can code, it would be a relatively easy job to have a program created which does that for you, or if you went on any freelance site, someone could make you a program for a much cheaper price, as it literally would be a 5 minute job to make that kind of program.

As a final note, you didn't mention what application, therefore i will direct you to here :

As this could be of use to you, it shows you how to create a procedure that will run if your Access application does not detect any user input for a specified period of time. That article is for access however could also be of good use for other applications.

Hope this is of help to you, Steph.
Shanmuga SundaramDirector of Software EngineeringCommented:
As SpEJay Suggests its easier to develop customized application for you need that would check for the applications idle hours and it will automatically close that application. Also since there are many free lance developers it would cost cheaper to solve your need. I suggest better to develop instead of spending time in searching for the tool.

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shorAuthor Commented:
Good Day:

Thank you both for the comments. The application we need to close is custom Windows software we use to run our marina business. 

It looks like the autocloseidle software should work although it looks a little complicated as it seems to be a client/server setup. I think I will see if there is a trial version to check it out.

The idea of going to a freelance developer is attractive to me and maybe less expensive. Any suggestions where I would seek out such a person?

Thanks Again:
Hi again, i took the use of the word client a bit further from  how you meant it i believe!

The Autocloseidle software should do it for you, as with most software, it has plenty of features to comply with as many business's as possible, there is a trial version available on there downloads page:

However the absolute best option would be to get a freelancer, i won't personally recommend a certain person or website, however if you use a search engine, you will come by many different freelance websites.

They usually follow a way of, you asking what you would want and the amount your willing to pay, then people will bid, until you accept a bid, so you can choose who's best for you, and who bids the least amount etc. Or you can simply ask someone with experience, lots of different options on different sites, so you can find the right person or pay the right price.

It would be a LOT less expensive than that auto software, as this kind of job wouldn't take a developer much time to make it for you. Also, as it's on a one to one basis, you have a lot of freedom to request what you wish from the application, so you get exactly what you require, as easy as you require it to be.

That would be your best solution, all pro's, no con's, and you'd save plenty of time and money.

shorAuthor Commented:
Thank you both for the kind help
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