Call rquest doesnt appear

When I connect two laptops through  Netmeeting  using the same DSL router (in the same house) it works perfectly. However, when I try to do it at home, from a different country and with different ISPs(here in the US I use cable and TWC roadrunner, while the other computer, uses the same DSl conection) neither of us received the call request so the software drops the call, not because we didnt accept it but because we were never notified.
Moreover, when I try to conect to that other computer but using the school wireless network, I can receive call requests, but the other computer cant receive mine.
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It seems your DSL router performs NAT translation. The same does the remote peer.
At the same time your WiFi connection uses real Internet addresses and remote peer is able to call you, but you can't call him.

To get Netmeeting 'visible' from remote peer you should have an external (real) Internet address.

Run 'ifconfig', if you have IP address like '192.168.x.x' or '172.1x.x.x' or '10.x.x.x' your IP address is 'local' and inaccessible from the Internet (but accessible from the same house/LAN).


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oyepezAuthor Commented:
I wish it would have included how or where to get the real IP address
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