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I have a user in our company that keeps getting this email undeliverable error when he sends out email.  he gets this message:
The message failed to be submitted because the storage limit for the mailbox that is submitting the message has been exceeded.

he can receive emails it is just when he sends out.  also we archived everythign so his email box is small dont know what else it could be
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mass2612Connect With a Mentor Commented:

Have you checked if there are specific limits set for this users send limit in ADU&C? There are many areas this can be set but if this is affecting one user only you should probably start by checking their AD account.

You also need to check the mailbox size. From the users Outlook session Right click the top level folder ie. Outlook - Users Name > Select Properties > Folder Size and look for the total size.

How to Set Size Limits for Messages
scripttron75Author Commented:
i basically changed it under mailbox rights to use mailbox store defaults it works fine.
Feroz AhmedSenior Network EngineerCommented:
You can delete unwanted emails as the user has been allocated with specified storage area for storing emails inot his/her Inbox which is restricting user to send emails.
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