Roxio Unspecified error [0x80004005]

have easy media creator 10, on multiple PCs, and no matter which one I try it on I cannot burn a compilation of dvd clips in video copy and convert. I can burn an exact copy of the DVD, but when I try to splice clips together, it starts to burn the compilation and pops up Unspecified Error [0x80004005]

I have updated my video drivers and am running this on XP SP2 machines. I have tried different DVDs and Different PC's.

Any thoughts?
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I would say you have a problem with compilation of dvd clips  nothing to do with video drivers.
How and what you have complied extracted merged is the key.
Roxio is not really reliable for video editing.
Could you fill in some details to save time guessing what you did.
Have you copied some parts of a DVD? Vobs?
And then joined them?

if you wish to use clips from any DVD or individual Vobs you need to either extract them using Roxio capture or something dvd decrypter
or capture them first to mpeg2, that format is DVD compliable,
to merge these clips you need a very good video editor that can join them to mpeg2 and burn to DVD so it retains the DVD vobs IFO burp files needed for DVD playback on any DVD player outside of the computer.
Here is some tips
General Tips for Video Capture Issues Roxio
editing Vobs in roxio

Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
Hopefully you've found the solution you seek.  Having used ROXIO products for some time with similar errors (Unspecified Error [0x80004005) ) in various versions of Roxio's Studios, finall bit the bullet and chose Pinnacle Studio 11 Ultimate/Plus .... no problems in any such regards.  Also running VISTA Ultimate, though hasten to add that all drivers/Updates are current (important).   There may still be a TRIAL for you to try/test in the event you're still not in a good place in terms of solutions.

I bring this up only because I've been a ROXIO person for a number of years, but finally got tired of the ongoing problems/lockups and lack of support on my many purchases from Roxio through the years, and found a solutions that "so far" works better for me, so sharing the link.


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bamill12000Author Commented:
I have ordered pinnacle 11, found other suggeations to use that product, hope it works....
Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
Interesting to hear.  I've (as I said) been using other products for years, and just recently found, ordered and installed the Pinnacle Ultimate product and so far have been very pleased.  I did find it helpful to get all my elements with my retail purchase registered, and then ensuring that I had all my elements activated.  Also wanted to include this link for updates .... as of course, I always recommend, keeping Windows Update current, drivers updated, viruscan/firewall/spyware, etc.  

Updates for the Studio

Hope you find it as helpful as have I.

":0) Asta
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