Access Report Bottom Getting Cut Off On Certain Printers

Hello all,

I have several Access Reports. They all print fine for me, but when I sent the database to a friend for him to use it, his reports print incorrectly. I.e. The bottom section of the report 1/4" or so, prints on the following page and that is all that prints the on the page after that is the next "official" page of the report.

Is the problem due to margins? The margins are set to .25" (or .28"). Even when generating the report with a pdf viewer the pages bottom section is cut-off.

Again, this only happens to him. I've tested it on a few different printers and machines and it works fine.

Any suggestions?
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DatabaseMX (Joe Anderson - Microsoft MVP, Access and Data Platform)Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I find that setting all reports to margins of 0.5 (top, bottom, left and right) seem to cover most cases and printers (pdf / acrobat is technically a printer) ...

Also check the printer paper size settings..  ie A4 v Letter
kabradleyAuthor Commented:
MX, .5" is just to much for the report (it has a lot of data on it) so I had to resort to using the .25 and the paper size setting is correct, so I guess that would mean that it's there printer?

Whenever I print (whether it's to a printer or to pdf) everything shows up the only variable that has changed is the printer.
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