Multiple Songs in one MP3 file

I need to create an mp3 file with multiple songs. This is the recommendation for On Hold Music, so it doesn't need anything fancy, just a few songs for the file to run on continuous play.

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chilternPCConnect With a Mentor Commented:
try audacity (free)
will allow you to cut, paste join mp3 files from...
th1434Author Commented:
I'll have to find a box I can download to out side the corp domain. I'll try tonight. Thanks
MediaJoin works great, is simple to use and is free.  You can download it here:
MereteConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Go with Audacity as suggested by chilternPC
Just to add you can record the bits of mp3 tracks first with stereo mix and export as mp3 or wav. you can recorde from any source so long as you can hear it in the speakers
 but you'll need to install a Lame .dll first so it can regester the line source. Or what you hear in your speakers.
Then once you have a selection of audio bits add them
Guides explain it the best
Recording guides includes the lame, if you have winamp you can use its lame dll
Editing Audio With Audacity
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