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I have two computers connected with a LAN and I want to write a file to a computer hard disk to another computer hard disk using Visual Basic code. What is the exact command to do it.
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VB 1.0?  Is this the DOS program?

Anyway, there are several approaches to doing this.  The first two that come to mind are listed below.  I can help you with the first method, but the second is rather difficult.

The easiest way is to go to the computer whose drive you wish to write to and share the folder you want to write to.  On the computer with the program, just open the file and write.  The path will be \\computername\foldername\filename.extension

Another way to do this is to have two programs, one on each computer, and write up some software to communicate over the LAP via TCP.  This is not easy, and is more prone to faliure.
Max144Author Commented:
I already made the Lan connection. I want to know how make the connection and write file on the hard disk with the code of Visual Basic 6.
vb classic code
Open "\\computerName\foldername\myfile.txt" for output as #1
print #1, "I'm writting this out to a file on another computer"
close #1
vb net code
dim myStream as new io.streamwriter("\\computername\foldername\myfile.txt")
myStream.writeline ("I'm writting this out to a file on another computer"

OR if you've mapped the folder as a drive, just open it up like it was a physical drive.

Open "z:\foldername\myfile.txt" for output as #1

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