Problems loading an ocx

Hi, I'd like to create a program that can play mp3s. From what I've found out on the 'net , i need to load up msdxm from windows\system 32 through the com components in the add item to toolbox. when I locate it it gives me a message 'Self-registration for C:\windows\system32\msdxm.tlb failed.' Im using 2005 express and I have windows vista home installed with media player 11. Can anyone offer me any advice on how to fix this as I'd really like to get started on trying to play mp3s through applications created in Thanks
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SolutionsCSConnect With a Mentor Commented:
On Windows xp and visual basic 2005, COM component and  i adde msdxm.ocx from system32.  It's work.

Maybe you can try to register it manually.  You should not have to do this but give a try.
From a command prompt go to system32
type regsvr32 msdxm.ocx to register component
type regsvr32 msdxm.dll to register type lib.

So if it does not work, it would not be the first time i see it.  But the reason why ocx and tlb do not register correctly is still obscure for me.  I would bet on vista incompatibility maybe.

Good look.  

Ps : I joined a proof of what i did.
Cannibal_JackAuthor Commented:
Hi, thank you for your reply. I will try it out as soon as I get home and I'll let you know how it went?
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