Outlook custom form code does not run on Windows servers

Hello there!
I'm in the process of piloting a windows 2003 / Citrix server for a thin client implementation.  We use a custom form in Outlook, with quite a bit of code behind it.  The form runs fine on WinXP and Vista, OL2002, 2003 and 2007.  All appearances are that the code simply will not run on the server operating systems (Windows 2000 & 2003).  I've only tested Outlook 2003 on the server side.  If I attempt to view the code (Form / View Code), I come up with the following error: "Unable to load this feature.  The operation completed successfully."  I've cleared the cache many times, re-installed the form, re-installed Outlook, even disable all of our group policies - all to no avail.  Anyone have any ideas??  THANK YOU!!
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swamitommiConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Found the solution.  Office doesn't install on terminal servers with vbsript natively available:
swamitommiAuthor Commented:
Increased points due to apparent difficulty.
Works like a charm!!! Thanks!
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