I just installed some dual video cards, on some of them there is an extra button up in the right hand corner that shifts the window your working on to the other screen. on some of these catlyst control centers i can't find the option to enable this. Does anyone know what this is called or how to enable this option. Thanks,
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MarkMichaelConnect With a Mentor Commented:

I know Ultramon does this:

Let me check my catalyst control panel to see if it can do it too..
After checking the CCP, i can't seem to find any settings to do what you want.
I used to use ultramon when I had dual displays and it was excellent.

However, I have moved to a new much larger desktop, so do not need it. I highly recommend Ultramon.
Rainman13Author Commented:
MarkMichael - thanks you are correct.  
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