Grid Control - Administrator not receiving email

I have an administrator in grid control setup, i.e. DBAUser. This particular user never gets email from one target. If I setup another account, DBAUser1 with the same email addresses, it receives email from the target. Why?!? Every other user receives email from all the targets except this one particular DBAUser account. But with the DBAUser1 account with the same email addresses as DBAUser, he receives it. Anyone know why and how to resolve it?!?
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Sounds to me like the DBAUser may have some issue with receiving the emails... maybe a spam filter that is mis-intepreting the email message.  I'd check with your email admin.... doesn't sound like an Oracle problem to me.
1) First ensure that mail server setup is configured under Setup -> Notification Methods of the grid console.

2) Ensure that email address(es) are configured for the administrators in the Preferences->Email Addresses of grid console  and test emails are received successfully.

3) In the "Access" tab of job creation wizard, select the options for various states of job for which email notifications are desired

Available states are for which email notifications can be sent are:

Scheduled, Running, Suspended, Completed and Problems.

A Notification rule may be used by any Administrator to receive notifications about this job. The owner may choose to receive e-mail notifications based on any of the selected status values above. E-mail will be sent based on the Owner's notification schedule.

5) Then submit the job

6)To verify if the emails are sent successfully , click on the "Yes" link next to the text Notifications in the job output screen. This will tell us if the email notification succeeded or if it has failed due to some problems faced when sending the email. For example: if the server is specified incorrectly or not reachable etc.


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itagent007Author Commented:
The funny thing is that the email does go out and is received because I put the same email addresses from DBAUser to DBAUser1 in Grid Control and it works fine. So I don't believe it's a firewall issue. And all other Grid Control users are receiving all the emails that DBAUser is not.
Seems Grid Control is not so reliable.
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