D-Link router with IP-based QOS

I'm told there is a D-Link router that supports IP address-based QOS.
I need to configure a QOS policy for our VOIP provider's (vocalocity) server.
I know the best way to set up VOIP is with VLANs but that's not an option in this case.
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Reid PalmeiraConnect With a Mentor Telecom EngineerCommented:
if the customer is getting a T1, you may be better off finding a router with a T1 interface, an ERB-2310 is an Ethernet based router (E in the ERB is Ethernet) so you'd need to get a T1 CSU/DSU that can handoff ethernet.

There are a number of routers from various manufacturers that have T1 interfaces (built in CSU/DSU) Cisco 1800 series, Adtran NetVanta series, 3com makes a bunch, the list goes on. Cisco is pretty much the market leader but can be a little pricey. Netopia makes good routers at a decent price. Adtran has a number of good options.....

Keep in mind this is only QoS at the router level. if you're worred about traffic on the LAN you may also need some managed switches that can support multiple VLAN's
Reid PalmeiraTelecom EngineerCommented:
there are a couple of different routers that D-Link has that will support QoS, for example the DSL-G624T. What model D-Link do you have? and what firmware revision?  As a note, if your ISP doesn't support QoS on their internet connection, setting QoS on your router may make very little difference, you might be marking traffic and prioritizing outbound traffic but the incoming traffic may not have QoS so you'll still get choppy audio or echo or other issues.
logixcAuthor Commented:
I need one that will allow me to do QoS for a specific internet ip address (the voip provider). Vocalocity's tech support recommends the simple dlink router because of the lack of features. They suggest using the ebr2310 because the simple routers work best with their service.
They want SPI disabled along with some other security features
Reid PalmeiraTelecom EngineerCommented:
oh, i thought you already had a D-Link router you wanted to configure. If you're asking for a reccomendation, that's fine the ERB2310 would work.

Again though, it's not your VoIP provider, it's your ISP that will need to monitor for QoS, the way most internet based VoIP providers work is like this

voip phone ----- your router ------ ISP's network ------ internet cloud ------ VoIP provider's network -----voip provider's switch. You need QoS all the way from your voip phone to the voip provider's network. If your ISP ignores or removed the QoS markings that you configure, then it won't make a difference.  the VLAN settings to help to distinguish data and voice traffic but the essential piece is the QoS marking done by the voip phone and then the network (your router and your ISP's network) need to check those markings and preserve them all the way to the voip provider.
logixcAuthor Commented:
Well the cust is getting a t1 but I'm more concerned about the pc's on the lan that may download large files or send out large attachments in the email, sucking bandwidth and disrupting the voip. I'm obviously no expert on QoS and had no idea that the isp has to pass qos too.
I just want a router that prioritizes traffic that's going to a certain ip out of my lan.
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