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Flash- based web graphic design layout tool?

My web design client wants for his web site to allow his customers to be able to:

layout (design) their own text+image(s)    for the product he sells without needing InDesign, Quark, etc. and without needing them to be a graphic designer.

Are there any web-based authoring scripts (perhaps flash-based) that allow simple dragging images in (and resizing), and typing text around it.
Perhaps a good product analogy would be business cards - can a client do a rough "assembly" of what they want?

Note in this instance, my client is willing to accept the "artwork" as a rough guide (and then re-do it in his own tools base don the mock-up).

It's okay to ignore font issues, and just allow the basic web browser fonts.

The end-user's design would then be rendered in some format and emailed(?) to the client's office so they could see the design intent.

1 Solution
RobOwner (Aidellio)Commented:
I was working on a similar project a few years ago with business cards.  not sure if i have any of the content left but i can give you an idea about the process:

the flash would allow the user to add text, draw simple shapes and also resize the shapes which could also be adapted to images.  They could move these around as they wanted (dragging movieclips).  As the business cards were designed for 4 colour we didn't use images). To use images the user would have to upload their image using a server side script such as PHP which can be done through flash.

When the user had finished they "submitted" their final design to the server side script as XML.  All the objects were represented as XML.  The server side script interpreted this and created a pdf.   if you want i can try and find some old code for you.

I was developing this because the closest thing i found was a java applet doing the same thing.  THe project was canned as we didn't have a market for it.
willsherwoodAuthor Commented:
if easy that'd be great to have a pointer...

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