How do I parse a subquery to aggregate a value as part of a query

I have a database with the following information available.
MemID, Origdate, Period
the Period field can have a value of 1,2, or 3
Part of the query is
Select origdate from table where memid = @ID and perid = '3'
Problem area follows
memid = @ID and (origdate has both  period = '1' and period = '2')
I am trying to find  records where Memid   has  origdate with period 1 and same origdate with period 2
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mbartAuthor Commented:
Additional information
Have following records
memid = 123 origdate = 2/22/2008 period = '1'
memid =123 origdate = 2/22/2008 period ='2'
memid = 123 origdate = 2/23/2008 period ='1'
memid =123 origdate = 2/24/2008 period ='2'
Want to return origdate 2/22/2008 based on having  both period 1 and period 2
Sure it can be done, just not smart enough to do it.

Select T1.* from YourTable T1 where
T1.period = '1' and T1.memid=@ID
and exists
(select * from YourTable T2
 where T1.memid = T2.memid
     and T1.origdate = T2.origdate
     and T2.period = '2'
Vadim RappCommented:
select t1.origdate
from mytable t1 inner join mytable t2
on t1.memid=t2.memid
and t1.origdate=t2.origdate
and t1.period='1' and t2.period='2'
and t1.memid=@ID
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I'm guessing from your question that you also wanted the Origdate from any record with Period = '3' matching the same MemID. The query below should work as well, although dqmq's query should be easy enough to modify to get Period = '3' as well.

FROM your_table t1
JOIN your_table t2 ON t1.MemID = t2.MemID
WHERE t1.MemID = @ID
   t1.Period = '3'
   OR (
      t1.Origdate = t2.Origdate
      AND t1.Period = '1' AND t2.Period = '2'

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Just append the AND condition

mbartAuthor Commented:
Exactly what I needed.  You guys are the best!!
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