iMac G5 runs very slowly

I have an iMac G5:
CPU - PowerPc G5 1.8GHz
Memory = 2 GB
OS X 10.4.11
It runs very slowly. When mousing over dock icons, it can take several seconds for the dock to respond. Switching between programs takes an incredibly long time. I have already tried the following:
- optimized the disk
- repaired permissions
- removed everything from the desktop
- run all tests in Tech Tool Pro 4 - everything passed
Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks!
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How much free space do you have left on your drive? Assuming that you have at least 10 percent free, then you might try creating a temp user with full admin privileges. Reboot and log into this new user and see if the behavior persists. If it runs normally then you have isolated the problem to something with your user profile/library. If the problem persists then the problem is more systemic. Also have you looked at activity monitor and checked to see if any particular program is using too much of your system resources/cpu. When it is running slowly what percentage of the cpu is being used. Anyway, this should give you a start. Report back with progress and/or other info.
bob32256Author Commented:
Sorry for the delay...
I have roughly 50% of my drive space free.
I created a temp user and the result was the same.
The activity monitor shows that the CPU has spurts to 100% but generally runs 20-40% idle. When the computer is responding very slowly and I get an extended spinning wheel, the activity monitor freezes.
I also checked system memory. Out of the 2GB, "free" dips to as little as 20MB. What's the difference between "free" and "inactive"? Could this have anything to do with the problem?
Thanks for your help.
This sounds a little like a memory leaking application to me.  2 gb is more than enough to run Os x tiger.How many widgets are you running?  I assume this is all happening not when you are ripping mp3 or rendering video but in general use. Do you get a sense of what app is gobbling up your memory from activity monitor. if you are not afraid of terminal then the top utility can help you narrow it down.  The only detail that would make me more certain about suggesting a memory leaking app would be if, after a reboot, its response is more normative but it gradually slows down over the course of days weeks until it begins to crawl. If it is just always slow then maybe it could be a nicing issue. An app may be grabbing for your cpu time. You can renice using terminal commands or use this gui utility. The other thing you might look at is downloading mainmenu You could use this to clean out all the caches. While you are at it just run everything this suite offers. As far as the difference between free and inactive OS X keeps files in inactive memory in case the same app calls on it again bit if another app makes a demand it is released as if it were free. It is only when the combination of low free and low inactive that indicates your total memory is too low.  At the end, the cpu bursts, assuming just general use, makes me lean more towards a nicing issue. Early versions of  Os x were more prone to this but maybe an older app is just being too demanding. You can use Top to watch this as well.  

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bob32256Author Commented:
I ran everything under mainmenu, but the problem remained. Then I noticed a process - agentdaemon - was using huge amounts of memory and CPU. I found that the process was from Network Magic. I uninstalled the program and my computer is back to normal. Thanks! If you had not suggest looking at the activity monitor, I'd still be looking for a solution.
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