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A client of mine handed me a DVD containing an AUDIO_TS folder and a VIDEO_TS folder.  The AUDIO_TS folder is empty but VIDEO_TS folder contains BUP, IFO, and VOB files.  The BUP and IFO files are in the 10 - 20 kB range.  The VOB files are in the 100 - 300 MB range.  I downloaded an MPEG-2 codec and now I can play the VOB files using Windows Media Player (v11).  Unfortunately, all I'm getting is audio (Motown songs).  The client assures me the files should include video as well.  Suggestions?
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MereteConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Thats because you dont have a default DVD player, windows media player does not support DVd /mpeg2 nativley so your step to install mpeg is the right one, all you need now is a DVD player,
DVD uses direct show filters called ffdshow installing open source media players is a great work around.
most computers ship with a DVD rom player and include a setup disc that may have Power DVD or WINDVD etc onboard and included with..
otherwsie it's not free ..

Media player classic and VLC are both open source and use ffdshow filters and will play DVD as well as Divx Xvid mepg2 mpeg4 Qt  flash etc.
but you'll have to use the file>open disc on these two players for DVD discs ie  videos on DVD with auto run.
 other video formats such as avi or mpeg files just drag and drop
Meda player classic supports sub titles as well.
If you wish to watch video on your system it pays to have at least 4 media players outside of windows media player, as WMP is buggy and can lockup

The folder structure you described is DVD - you can play those files with any DVD-player software (WinDVD, Nero...)

If you are getting audio but no video, maybe you did not have the right codec.  Go to:  for more info.  Or download this:

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