How to use RGB color in HTML?

Hello group,

I've an HTML code which is attached in snippet section. However, I need to use RGB color as R=59 G=89 and B=152; how can I do this ?
I need to use above RGB color instead of bgcolor=#6699CC


<table bordercolor="#6699CC" width="450px" height="50px" align="center" border="0">
  <td bgcolor="#6699CC">
      <div style="margin:5px"
	<h2 style="color: #FFFFFF"; align="center">1)  Some text goes here ....  </h2>

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dolcezzzaConnect With a Mentor Commented:

here is a godd read:
dolcezzzaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
rgb(102, 153, 204) is your color
if you can see the color on your screen there are 2 things you can do, install color picker for firefox, that will give you the hex code of any color in the web browser. the other option is to use dream weaver or one of the other programs out there to tell you the hex value of a color on the screen..

good luck

also googling RGB to hex might give you an answer to your question also
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