sony desktop won't boot

I have a sony PCV-w600g all-in-one desktop that is giving me fits.  It won't boot.  It freezes at various time during the boot up.  The following are where the system freezes up in no particular order as it is random when the computer locks up

- nothing on the screen and I get a long beep, 2 short beeps, then continious beeping
- on the bios screen with no of the PnP info
- on the bios screen with some of the PnP info but before I can get to the bios set up
- on the bios screen with the bios set up option visible
- after I select bios set up as soon as I tab over to boot options
- after I accept changes on the bios settings
- on he windows error message screen that gives the option of booting in safe mode, etc
- while the windows XP screen is loading.
- anywhere in between the above listed spots.

I have checked the RAM and it is good.  The problem is that it is so random I am having trouble narrowing down the posible culprits.  I am leaning toward the video card (SiS 651 32MB) but I just don't know.  
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debuggerauConnect With a Mentor Commented:
yes, your beeps are pointing to a faulty video card and the fault could quite well be from that.

Does it offer a switch/jumper to disable the video and insert your own?

billandkelleAuthor Commented:
I don't know about the jumper to disable the card.  I will have to take it apart to check but I think it is incorperated into the motherboard.
billandkelleAuthor Commented:
If the video card is going/is bad, would I still get the other screens.  the beeping doesn't happen all the time, only about 10% of the time.
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maybe, but as the fault is intermittent and moves around, it really could be anything..
But at least it easier to swap out than a motherboard or processor (assuming you've a spare).
At least you've had an error that returns a code.
I've had this with a faulty mouse/keyboard, so swap out the easy stuff first..
usually, when they include a video card on the motherboard - its more likely to have some override, like a BIOS setting or jumper.
If yours is like the other Sony all-in-ones, it essentially has notebook components including an integrated video adapter. Also, there is no way to add a video adapter.

1 long, 2 short is Award Bios beep code for video adapter failure.
troubleshooting intermittent problems is done by elimination : swap out devices 1 by 1, or in groups.
Note each time exactly what is swapped.
can be anything, from disk over pci card to a dying PS
billandkelleAuthor Commented:
I took the computer apart and found alot of dust on the video card.  I removed the dust and now the computer works fine.  The dust must have been causing an intermittent short.  all is well.  thanks.
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