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Hi guys,

Im pretty new to .net but i have been asked to create a questionnaire in .net that has a backend where u can create the questions or remove them from a database, but when creating them, u can obviously specify if it is to be multiple choice and if so it will bring up a screen saying how many answers, u specify, then fill in the answers and question title, or if u want a true or false question, or if u want a question with an image, or if u want an input question, or even a question with a drop down answers, i really dont know how to code this, if anyone can point me to a tutorial for this (even if its just in classic asp) or an application, that would be a lifesaver!!

Thanks in advance,

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kaylanreilorConnect With a Mentor Commented:
?!? But the last link I've given
Is containing a lot of code !
There are several step to perform and I won't write all these lines for you.
Moreover, this website (www.codeproject.com) is one of these sites which proposes a wide choice of articles provided with original sources... So if you use the search engine with some keywords like "Dataset", "ADO" or "Connection string", whatever, evrything that is related to your subject you will find a lot of examples!

So I'm confused, I don't understand your issue.
Where should your DB be located, should it be accessed from different workstations ?
Anyway, to begin let's have some basis concerning ADO.Net:

Don't hesitate to "google" some key words that you read in these articles to find some examples.
IanaldoAuthor Commented:
My DB i would be creating using sql server 2005, but what i need is not a start but an actual application, i generally learn better that way, with broad apps, as ive done with other languages such as php and coldfusion, this project is very urgent so what i need is an app dont in .net that has the ability to add and delete an assortment of question types from a questionnaire, any ideas?


hesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
At Experts Exchange we will help you learn, or help you fix the problems in your code. BUT we will not write you an entire website-Application.
Forced accept.

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