Array subscript error # 9 our of range....Quicksort routine

Access 2003

In the routine below  QuicksortD

getting an error on this line
M = ary(Int((LB + UB) / 2), ref) '  error #9  subscript out of range error here

The Upper bound seems to stay fixed at 27...

See previous thread


Do Until rsSql.EOF  ' query loop
ReDim Preserve intArrayX(27, 1 To rsSql.RecordCount)
u = u + 1
' start to add values to the array
intArrayX(0, u) = rsSql.Fields(0).Value ' Item-Grainger Sku
'intArrayX (1,u)= rssql.Fields(1).Value ' NOUNPHRS1
'intArrayX (2,u)= rssql.Fields(2).Value ' NOUNPHRS2
'intArrayX (3,u)= rssql.Fields(3).Value ' NOUNPHR3
intArrayX(4, u) = rsSql.Fields(4).Value ' RichText
'intArrayX(5,u) = "(found: " & wdFound & " )" ' wdfound nouns
intArrayX(6, u) = score 'rsSql.Fields(6).Value 'score ' SORTED BY Desc  score
intArrayX(7, u) = rsSql.Fields(7).Value ' COUNT FROM RANKLIST2 ...sorted by desc count
intArrayX(8, u) = rsCust.Fields("fldDid").Value
intArrayX(9, u) = rsSql.Fields(9).Value ' WWGMFRNUM
intArrayX(10, u) = rsSql.Fields(10).Value ' WWGMFGNAME
intArrayX(11, u) = rsSql.Fields(11).Value '  DESC
intArrayX(12, u) = rsSql.Fields(12).Value ' COMMENTS
intArrayX(13, u) = rsSql.Fields(13).Value ' REDBOOKNUM
intArrayX(14, u) = rsSql.Fields(14).Value ' XREF
intArrayX(15, u) = rsSql.Fields(15).Value ' SPIN
intArrayX(16, u) = rsSql.Fields(16).Value ' UOM
intArrayX(17, u) = rsSql.Fields(17).Value ' UOM QTY
intArrayX(18, u) = rsSql.Fields(18).Value ' SHIP
intArrayX(19, u) = rsSql.Fields(19).Value ' SHIP QTY
intArrayX(20, u) = rsSql.Fields(20).Value ' ALT1
intArrayX(21, u) = rsCust.Fields("fldMfgname").Value
    intArrayX(22, u) = rsCust.Fields("fldMfgnameOrig").Value
     intArrayX(23, u) = rsCust.Fields("fldMfrnum").Value
   intArrayX(24, u) = rsCust.Fields("fldMfrnumOrig").Value
  intArrayX(25, u) = Trim(rsCust.Fields("fldDescription").Value)
intArrayX(26, u) = rsCust.Fields("fldDescriptionOrig").Value
'If Numeric....
'    intArray(u, 27) = Format$(rsSql.Fields(6).Value, "00000000") & Format$(intArrayX(u, 7) = rsSql.Fields(7).Value, "00000000")
    intArrayX(27, u) = Format$(score, "00000000") & Format$(intArrayX(7, u) = rsSql.Fields(7).Value, "00000000")
'    If Not Numeric...
'    intArray(u, 27) = UCase(rsSql2.Fields(6).Value) & ";" & UCase(intArrayX(u, 7) = rsSql2.Fields(7).Value)
                score = 0
             '   nf1 = ""
                wdFound = ""
                ' ADDED 06/14/2007
                didfindstring = ""
' sort the array...
QuicksortD intArrayX, LBound(intArrayX), UBound(intArrayX), 27
Sub QuicksortD(ary, LB, UB, ref) 
Dim M As Variant, temp 
Dim i As Long, ii As Long, iii As Integer 
i = UB 
ii = LB 
M = ary(Int((LB + UB) / 2), ref) '  error #9  subscript out of range error here
Do While ii <= i 
Do While ary(ii, ref) > M 
ii = ii + 1 
Do While ary(i, ref) < M 
i = i - 1 
If ii <= i Then 
For iii = LBound(ary, 2) To UBound(ary, 2) 
temp = ary(ii, iii): ary(ii, iii) = ary(i, iii) 
ary(i, iii) = temp 
ii = ii + 1: i = i - 1 
End If 
If LB < i Then QuicksortD ary, LB, i, ref 
If ii < UB Then QuicksortD ary, ii, UB, ref 
End Sub

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LucasMS Dynamics DeveloperCommented:
Not sure if this might help but here is a link to a web page

Lots of array related stuff that might help you get around your problem another way just in case.
Leigh PurvisDatabase DeveloperCommented:
The array example you have is geared towards a 2D array of reversed dimensions than that with which you're working.
You need to change a few things...
Consider this alteration as a replacement version of the procedure:

Sub QuicksortJ(ary, LB, UB, ref)
    Dim M As Variant, temp
    Dim i As Long, ii As Long, iii As Integer
    i = UB
    ii = LB
    M = ary(ref, Int((LB + UB) / 2))
    Do While ii <= i
        Do While ary(ref, ii) > M
            ii = ii + 1
        Do While ary(ref, i) < M
            i = i - 1
        If ii <= i Then
            For iii = LBound(ary, 1) To UBound(ary, 1)
                temp = ary(iii, ii): ary(iii, ii) = ary(iii, i)
                ary(iii, i) = temp
            ii = ii + 1: i = i - 1
        End If
    If LB < i Then QuicksortJ ary, LB, i, ref
    If ii < UB Then QuicksortJ ary, ii, UB, ref
End Sub

Which you'd call as
QuicksortJ intArrayX, LBound(intArrayX, 2), UBound(intArrayX, 2), 27
to select the bounds of the appropriate dimension.

(I still stand by what I said last time though :-p.  IMO recordsets make more sense.)

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FordraidersAuthor Commented:
You all get no argument from me on recordsets...
Arrays are a new area for me.. I'am learning quite a bit and fast.

The possibilities to use arrays are in my future for other smaller projects..

The help from all of you is inValueable !  I understand where you are coming from, But I have tio explore other possibilties.

Thanks a million for the rewrite...!

Will test it soon.
FordraidersAuthor Commented:
Lpurvis, Worked Great...Got another problem ,   But will post another question...Almost completed !

Leigh PurvisDatabase DeveloperCommented:
All cool then.
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