Outlook message text not visible after sending

Some times when sending a message from Outlook in HTML format, the recipient cannot see the message text
The message also appears to be missing text in the senders sent items.

When replying to the blank message, the missing text appears in the reply. The same goes for Forwarding

I have taken a code sample from the sent message. Notice the display:none
It seems that outlook is hiding the text for some reason
Can anyone help me fix this?

<p class=MsoNormal><font size=2 color=navy face=Arial><span style='font-size:
10.0pt;color:navy;display:none'>Hi Andrew<o:p></o:p></span></font></p>
<p class=MsoNormal><font size=2 color=navy face=Arial><span style='font-size:
<p class=MsoNormal><font size=2 color=navy face=Arial><span style='font-size:
10.0pt;color:navy;display:none'>We will be sending out the Board pack to the
Directors next week so getting a little concerned on this job.<o:p></o:p></span></font></p

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Hello TeamMaclean,

Check if antivirus is the cause. Disable antivirus check of email

Check if Exchange cache mode is the cause and solution for the problem

Hope this helps!
Might it be that the text that's not visible has the same colour as the background?
With an "empty" message select all with Ctrl-A, then start up notepad or another plain text editor and paste the content (Ctrl-V). If you can see the text now it's probably some visus that sets the text colour invisible (and maybe try to add it's own message instead) to have it appear coming from a legitimite sender.
Also noticed that you're using Word as the mail editor. Switch to Outlook's native editor, it's better suited for editing mail messages and generates cleaner HTML.
In Outlook clock Tools->Options, deselect to use Word as the editor.
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TeamMacleanAuthor Commented:
I understand the Word might not be the ideal editor, but that does not explain why this only happens on some client machines.
This particular user needs to use word, due to the extra functionality that is offers.
I have set the editor to use Rich text in the mean time to get around this issue.
TeamMaclean, did you follow the suggestions that I proposed?
TeamMacleanAuthor Commented:
This user has been set to use Rich text for mail editing for now.
There does not seem to be a suitable solution at this time.
Are you aware that Rich Tech is a proprietary format for Microsoft products only? When the recipient is not a MS product an ugly conversion will take place depending on the recipient client settings. Thus your employees formatting will be lost. You can select to convert Rich Text to HTML under Tools->Options->E-mail format->Internet format.

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