Hewlett Packard, Pavilion, ze5730us, CPU upgrade

I would like to upgrade the CPU on an old HP Pavilion ze5730us. The motherboard is listed as model HP 0850, version N5570. However, I have been unable to find any specs for this mobo (from other threads, it appears not to be actually manufactured by HP). I would like to upgrade the CPU (currently Intel Celeron 2.8 GHz <Northwood, 400MHz? fsb <qdr>, 256KB L2 Cache, mPGA478B <FC-PGA2/FCmPGA4> platform, 478 pin). Any insight about whether a CPU upgrade is possible, and if so, what upgrade options are available would be appreciated.
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This is definitely not an easy upgrade to perform.  Laptops are typically built to support only the CPU that they ship with.  While upgrades are sometimes possible, I'm not sure how much luck you'll have with this machine.  I couldn't even find out what chipset is on that motherboard, so giving a suggestion on CPU isn't possible without more info.  Can you run the Intel chipset ID utility and let me know what it says your chipset is?  You'll probably need one of the old versions found here:

For 800 series chipsets:
http://downloadcenter.intel.com/Detail_Desc.aspx?agr=N&ProductID=816&DwnldID=8178&strOSs=All&OSFullName=All Operating Systems&lang=eng

For 400 series chipsets:
http://downloadcenter.intel.com/Detail_Desc.aspx?agr=N&ProductID=816&DwnldID=4241&strOSs=All&OSFullName=All Operating Systems&lang=eng

Try the 800 first, then the 400 - one of these should correctly identify your chipset.  If you can take a screen shot of the output and post it here, or let me know what all the output says I'll be able to give you more info on compatible CPUs.
kmcrobe1Author Commented:
Neither utility will complete the setup process. A message is displayed saying that the utility could not install because it requires a supported chipset platform running on a supported OS.

Previous HW INFO output indicated the chipset as ATI IGP_330M/340M/345M..., slots = 1xPC 1, 1xAGP v2.0 if that helps. The BIOS version is KF_KH.F.2.
kmcrobe1Author Commented:
As a clarification, the current processor only has a 128KB L2 cache rather than the originally reported 256KB.
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The ATI IGP chipset is the graphics chipset not the motherboard chipset so we'll need to dig a bit more.

What OS are you running?

Try running CPU-Z, it supports a wider variety of hardware and can detect your chipset:

Let me know the output, post a screenshot if possible (Alt+print screen will capture just the active window).
kmcrobe1Author Commented:
I am running Windows XP SP2. Motherboard output and more is attached in a Word document. Please let me know if more information is needed. Thanks.
From what I've turned up, it looks like any Celeron or P4 with a 533MHz or 400MHz bus will work OK in that board.  The down side is that your current Celeron is near to top for clock speed on those socket 478 chips.  There's a socket 478 P4 that went to 3.0Ghz, but honestly it probably wouldn't be worth the $70 plus your time to do the upgrade.

P4 3.0GHz:  http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16819116027

It looks like you're just getting to the end of the useful life on that motherboard.  It may be time to look at a system upgrade if you've already maxed out your RAM (the other possible hardware upgrade).

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Just some additional info, the way I got to this conclusion is that I did some research on that ATI R2000 chipset (your northbridge) and found out which front side bus (FSB) speeds and the maximum processor speed it can support.
kmcrobe1Author Commented:
Thanks for your help. I did install a used CPU - the higher L2 cache seems to make a difference in performance.
Would like to ask kmcrobe1 what cpu he installed?
Have found 3.2ghz cpu that should work...
Will flash bois later this mth with version that is for 3.2ghz.
Will update progress and results later.
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