Reconfigure Sites services configuration

I am getting ready to convert three sites back to 1 site. A brief overview of what I am trying to do is we currently have Default first site which is currently empty.

Site A: which has a Global catalog server 2003, exchange and a quite a few member server
Site B: wich has Global catalog server 2003 and member servers

The  sites were set up because we used to have a microwave link. We now have a stable fibre optic link and I would like to consolidate to the 1 site.

Can someone provide me with a recommendation how I go about bringing this back to a 1 site set up. What I have read appears easy but after some confirmation. All the correct subnets are there.
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firstly, are the 2 locations on seperate VLAN's, and are you going to retain the Domain controller and GC at both locations.

if you are then there is no reason to remove the site. because technically you want the workstations to authenticate to that DC first and then to the others accross the fibre link.

however if you want to change it, you need to add make the subnets part of the one site as apposed to being part of seperate ones. this in essence makes everything part of the one site. now just delete the site that is no longer used.
Simple as that.
as said before though if it were up to me i woudl keep the sites it just manages the authentication traffic better that way and where the GP's are applied from.
cancervicAuthor Commented:
In answer to your questions the two sites are on separate vlans. Yes i was going to keep both GC's

I was just looking for quicker replication between sites as it is a 10gbps connection and was thinking this would be the best option. Now I am not so sure?
on different VLANS the sync would not be spead up as this is a periodic event not real time.
but you would then just be setting the order in which the domain controllers would be accessed
cancervicAuthor Commented:
So in closing both of you believe i should leave the sites as is?
you confused me for a moment there i dont see anone else commenting

leave the sites, i use sites for jsut as its name imples seperating phisical locations with a DC.
and for managing authentications

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