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ok our company has two exchange servers running in cluster mode. we get about 20+ requests for setting up email accounts every day, its a easy task but very annoying to have to stop working on other more technical things to create email accounts. i was wondering if anyone knew of a program or solution that would allow our IT contacts at each of our customers offices to be able to create email accounts for their company through the web. we have about 50 different companies that use our email services so the software would need to be able to only allow each IT contact to only manage or create accounts for their company. is there any software out there that would do this?
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ZanemwestConnect With a Mentor Commented:
this should do the trick it is intended for people hosting exchange environments and is compatible with 2003 and 2007

ngstaAuthor Commented:
yea i dont know if that one will do exactly what i need. exchange is one of many services we offer to our customers and is hosted at our data center. the program would also need to be able to restrict each IT contact to be able to only create accounts for their domain name or in their OU in the AD. We cant have our IT contacts having the ability to create accounts on any domain name lol. if you know this software can do that let me know or is there any other software that will do it out there?
my understanding of how this works is that it is intended to do exactly what you are looking to do, give administrators access to there respective domains and exchange servers.
you create profiles which control what they are going to do.
the other alternative is to do what we did in the past.
i created a web application that was tied into our helpdesk system. when a change control was completed there were scheduled vbscripts that ran every 15 mins or so and queried the SQL database for completed change controls for AD accounts or exchange mailboxes and then executed commands based or various options selected which then created the user accounts. and mailboxes.
this took me about 3 months to do.
The user would signon to the web site which queried their respective LDAP to populate ou's and groups to select, based on their profile.
We could not find anything that did what we were looking for, if you dont have the skills in house it is a costly excercise to do
ngstaAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your help, this should work, now i just have to talk the boss into spending that much money lol.
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