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Redirect Traffic to Same Domain to Different Servers

I'm looking for high-performance and cost-effective (can I do both?) solutions to achieve the following:

- I have multiple web applications that must reside on separate servers.
- I need all of these applications to appear as a sub-folder (not sub-domain) of a single domain name.

So all of these would have to somehow point to a different server hosting a different application:


Ideally I'd like to be able to do this with some kind of advanced router hardware, but I'd be open to a Linux or even a Windows solution if the performance is good.

At this point none of these applications gets a huge load of traffic, but obviously I'm hoping that changes someday, so I'm hoping this solution will be scalable.

Any ideas?
1 Solution
As a hardware solution you may use Cisco CSS 11000 or 11500 switches with the ability to perform URL routing:

As a software solution it may be any Linux with Apache and mod_proxy:

Aaron StreetInfrastructure ManagerCommented:
I'm not sure exactly what you want to achive here??

do you mean you want to load balance?

if so you just make entries in to the DNS with the same name that each point to a different server...

this will do a round robin between the servers.

or are you looking at thow to enter the names and address in to the DNS server so that people pick up the web page that they want ?
cnxmaxAuthor Commented:
Looks like Nopiu is on the right track for what I'm looking for. The Cisco CSS URL routing is what I need. Those routers are way out of budget, but we can probably start with the Linux/Apache solution.

The reason I need something like this is basically that I have lots of web applications that need to share security and other information. Here are a few benefits of a solution like this:

- Single sign-in for end-users that use many different applications.
- No problems with cross-domain JavaScript, AJAX, and Flash.

My applications are separate, but they need to connect at certain points. I need them to be able to connect on at the client side, and these applications need to be separately scalable.

Looks like URL routing is the key.

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