Recover DRM music ripped by WM10 on a crashed xp system


My client has ripped 100`s of cd`s and has tagged the "protect my music" option in windows media player. His computer was replaced due to mother board mulfunction and a new Windows XP has been installed. None of the files play due to DRM protection. I`ve tried all the DRM remove software with no luck. I have access to the hard drive where the old XP was installed.
Are there any files  I  cant move from the old system so that the DRM files will think it is on its original XP?

Any other ideas on what can be done?
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If you have the old hard drive that still as Windows XP installed on it, you can install that HD as the master and boot to it using the new hard drive as the secondary.

The change in hardware will cause the old Windows XP installation to need to be re-activated, but you still have a grace period where it is usable.  In this peroid you could get a program that will bit-copy the audio as it is output from WMP10 and capture it into new MP3/OGG etc files, saving them to the new hard drive.

This obviously will take a while to do but it is the only legal way to do it as well.  Using a program to forcibly remove the DRM from a protected file is techincally illegal to do, even if it is your legally owned music you are doing it to.
oholicAuthor Commented:
The old XP will not boot , the system is ruined altough I can boot into safe mode if it helps.
It isn't ideal, but you should be able to run everything required from safe mode.
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oholicAuthor Commented:
I just tried it and media player doesnt load :(
No other way to migrate from one XP to another ?  or.. what is the legal way to transfer DRM rights from an old computer to a new  one ?
Well normally you could backup the DRM licenses form within WMP10 (this feature is disabled in WMP11), but since you cannot get it to load there isn't a way to do this.  You can try looking in:


it is probably hidden, but moving things from those directories may allow you to play the content on the new PC.
I can't see how this couldbe classed as illegal since he using the WMP protect my files options>>
My client has ripped 100`s of cd`s and has tagged the "protect my music" option in windows media player.
This is like encrypting them.
It is not possible to remove copy protection from your ripped tracks.
 For more information, see the question, "I can't play files I ripped from a CD on another computer because they are protected. How can I remove copy protection from the files?
Troubleshooting DRM
Try to play the copy-protected file again.
In the message that appears, click the More Information button.
Follow the instructions for migrating your licenses.

What if you simply played the files in a different media player that does not ask for any certificates?
Most people do not even realize they're using DRM until it's too late. That option is not called ''DRM'' and it's checked in WMP by default; it's not something most people would do on purpose once they've tried to play a couple files on their laptop that they ripped on their desktop machine.

Merete - you're right that it SHOULDN'T be illegal since by old copyright law you're specifically allowed to make 1 backup copy of discs you bought, but circumventing an access control (DRM), even when there is no infringement of copyright itself was specifically made illegal in the digital millenium copyright act (DMCA) of 1998. Even discussing how it might be done could be prosecuted as conspiracy to do so. :-(
oholicAuthor Commented:
Well , it turns out that after I removed WM11 and returned to WM9 the music started to work!
The diffrence being that, when palyed in WM9 , a new "license" is being download from the MS web site. I dont see how this protects anything but it now works. Am I missing something?

Thank you for the replies.
lol awe that's brilliant well all you need is the lisense, regardless of the WMP version it's still the same lisense associated with your account.,
but it's one more reason why I will never use WMP any version.
Winamp rules ..

PS WMP 11 and IE7 were developed for Longhorn now known as Vista and Bill decided to push versions for XP
 I really really recomend stick with IE6 but use firefox and WMP 10 with windowsxp sp2.
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