unable to browse IIS on windows xp from remote machines

Dear All

I have a newly installed windows xp(with sp2)  PC with the following

1. asp.net 1.1 framework(required for a web based software provided by a company)
2. IIS
3. software provided by the company (shared as webshare, as suggested by the company providing the software)
4. firewall activated, to allow http service
5. dynamic IP
6  SQL 2000 personal edition

i am able to access the webbased software on this machine, but i am not able to access the same from remote machines on the network.

kindly let me know where is the problem.

thanks all for sparing their valuable time

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yolamConnect With a Mentor Commented:
1. Check inside computer mgmt -< user to see whenever IUSR_<Machine name>
2. confirm the machine is inside a domain or a standalone machine
3. confirm inside ISS that the website is allowing anoymous access
RubalJConnect With a Mentor Commented:
What error you are getting while browsing the site ?

Issue seems to be is most likely the IP Address. You'll need a fixed IP for your XP box or Dynamic DNS update service from provider like www.no-ip.com so it can update the host name with correct machine IP whenever it changes.
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