Conflict with SNMP, SAP Service, HP SMH

On the Hp Server, Win 2k3 SP2 , latest drivers and agents, Oracle10 and SAP.
HP SMH (system management homepage) is no more working when the service of the SAP instance is started. After a few seconds appears an error message

The problem occured after moving from Oracle 9 to Oracle 10.

Source: SNMP
Event ID: 1501
Discription: The SNMP Service encountered an error while setting up the incoming transports.\n The IP transport has been dropped out.

Do you know if Oracle or SAP software can cause a conflict with the SNMP?
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oleggoldConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I would check Oracle web server configuration to make sure it doesn't use snmp port,looks like Your problm with hp isn't new:
You may need an sp upgrade for hp:
denevAuthor Commented:
Yes the problem is not new.

We have same problem on a cluster configuration and on a stand-alone server.
We continue to investigate the SNMP behaviour.
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