Alternative to Offline Files - Need suggestions

Vista offline files works fine if you use it without trying to be clever, unfortunately we're trying to be clever by doing things which cause offline files NOT to work, so we're looking at possible alternatives to Offline Files, that

* Is easy to manage
* Provides offline files & synchronization at login or at will

Commercial products preferred.  Can anybody provide any suggestions which they have themselves either tried or currently use.  I know I can search google to find products, but I'd rather have recommendations from people who have done this before.

With thanks.
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KCTSConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you want something that will sync files then take a look at Microsoft's SyncToy

Alternativley try BrightSparks SyncBack the free version will do what you want - the paid for version also has the ability to copy open files and NTFS permissions if desired.
Lester_ClaytonAuthor Commented:
Thank you, will look into those two (but am still trying to get offline files working)
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