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Hi, how can i connect to a Access Database file in the reporting services? When i go to and new data source i only got SQL as connection type, i need to mage a new connection type to a Access file. In the SQL Server Business Intelligence Development Studio ther is no problem making a shared access connection, but i need that in the reporting services to

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buffelenConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Hi, i just find out that there isnt any support for anything other than SQL Server on the SQL 2005 Express edition. I use a standard edition and have made the reports on that, i didnt now that the sql i should run this reports on had only the express version, i didnt now that there wasnt support for the ODBC on express edition either. Is there any workaround to get ODBC support on SQL 2005 Express Edition reporting services?
I don't know whether this works but it's an answer given to a similar Q on a different site.

"Create a system ODBC data source for your access db from Control Panel Administrative tools.

Create a shared ODBC data souce in RS and select the data source you just created in Control panel."

buffelenAuthor Commented:
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