Arcserve Tape full eject beep - GONE!

Up until recently whenever the tape was full and ejected in Arcserve it used to beep. THen one day it jsut stopped. We had the motherbord replaced under warentee by HP but no change.

If i cause a beep event in windows it works (ie wrong login credentials)

Windows 2003
Arcserve R11.5 sp3 build 4402
HP Proliant DL 580

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dovidmichelConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The OS Services Manager it will be shown as CA BrightStor Message Engine.

If still no luck then put the Job Engine in debug and maybe something will show up in the activity log.

Does it still eject the tape?
That type of notification is handled by the Message Engine, which by default should be configured to Logon As the System Account.

Check the ARCserve Server Admin, Configuration, Job Engine tab to make sure that the option "Block pop-ups when any job finishes" is not selected.
bhermerAuthor Commented:
That option is not selected, but could you point me in teh direction of the Message engine system account login you speak of.

Cheers Buddy.
bhermerAuthor Commented:
Cecking and unchecking solved the issue thanks.
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