Combobox DisplayMember & ValueMember Understanding

Hi Experts,

I'm not sure if I understand the meaning of displaymember and valuemember correctly on combobox's but in relation to my MS Access experience, I understand the first is what's displayed in the combobox and the second is what value is used when a selection is made?

I have a windows form that has a bound combobox on it and I have set the datasource to a seperate table which stores the combobox list. I then set the displaymember (and this a string (it's a name)) and the valuemember (which is a unique integer).

This shows the displaymember as required and I can select from the list - but when I attempt to move onto the next record in my dataset it will not. I assume it won't accept the string in the combobox - as it's bound to a field of integer type - and is attempting to store this integer not the valuemember string?

Not sure how well I've explained that!

Any assistance, as usual much appreciated.

Best regards,

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Jorge PaulinoIT Pro/DeveloperCommented:
>> I attempt to move onto the next record in my dataset it will not
Have you tried to change the selectedindex ?

Can you show us what you got ?

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SamBAuthor Commented:
Hi jpaulino,

Here's my code:
Me.DmComboBox.DataSource = Me.MasterDataSet1.DMP
Me.DmComboBox.DisplayMember = "dmpsupplier"
Me.DmComboBox.ValueMember = "id"

Me.DmComboBox.SelectedIndex = 1

I've added the selectedindex and changed it from 0 to 1 but no luck - still populates the combobox with the string, but won't allow any changes. I've also noticed that I can scroll through records if I don't touch this combobox, but all the values are showing as the first in the list (which is not correct).

Many thanks,


Jorge PaulinoIT Pro/DeveloperCommented:
But you see the values ?
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SamBAuthor Commented:
Yes - I see the values (strings) but as soon as I attempt to select one the form 'locks up' because it seems not to like my selection.
Is this linked to yet another datatable?  That is, are you using this combo to put a value in another record?  Is it a "look-up"?  If so, it sounds as though that other table is expecting one datatype and being offered a different datatype.

Do you have any code anything at all like this


If so, can we please see it?

SamBAuthor Commented:
Thanks Guys - it was a combination of the two answers.
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