Starting local installed applications very slow in windows xp

Dear All,

Last week we integrated to our new owner group.
We have created a new domain controller and a file/print server and DHCP and DNS all windows 2003 in VMWare. We also use a external Exchange 2003 server to host mailboxes.
With DHCP we have implemented a new ip range
All is working fine except it has become very very slow on the desktop pc's all running windows XP with all updates.
Example starting excel or word takes about 2:30 minutes or firefox browser (with proxy) starting takes about 3 minutes. Most of the time the pc freezes till the application is open again.
I have flushed the DNS and cleaned the prefeched folder with out result.
I have removed the pc from the domain and added it again no result.
Then i just disconnect the network cable and all was working fine and as soon as i connected the pc again same problem again.
The network guys from our new group analized the network performaces and this was normal nothing found the network was not used in that way that it could slow us down.

My idea is that this is something local on the pc, it work when you diconnect to lan. Maybe its keeping a cache or its try to connect to old stuff in the background.
I also have one machine new install from last week was connected to the old setup but not used much, this pc works fine in the new setup.

Programmas tested are:
Excel 2007, word 2007, firefox.

Does anyone know a solution to my problem?

Thanks in advance.


David Maes
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PeteJThomasConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It may be worth using a tool like Process Monitor -

You can use procmon to filter out all events other than events relating to say MS Excel - Then open Excel on a problematic PC (with procmon running and the filter enabled) and see if you get any strange events occuring...
Could also be worth clearing out all the old profiles and setting up new ones for the new domain, could be trying ot connect to old network drives etc that are cached in profile
Zino666_beAuthor Commented:
Processmonitor helped us finding that explorer read and old ip from the registry, remove the old ip and problem solved
Glad it helped you find the answer! Very useful tool that, just remember not to leave it for running for more than a couple of days or it'll eat every last bit of your page file until you clear it out! :)
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