How to call DTS package in VBA and handle errors?

We are calling a SQL Server 2000 dts package from VBA code in AutoDesk's AutoCAD 2006.
We cannot use xpcmdshell on the server because we do not have the necessary rights within this corporate environment, so we call the package using the dtsrun utility on the client machine.
The code calls the package and passes the necessary parameters which are used as global variables within the package.
Our problem is that the VBA code, having called the package proceeds immediately and reports a successful completion. However, we need to have the dts package report back that it has completed successfully...or to report any errors it may  have trapped.
I have attached the code we use in VBA.
Any help, even pointers to where there is a clear explanation of calling dts packages from VBA would be appreciated

Function RunRADPublishDTS()
'Must have the Microsoft DTSPackage Object Library (C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\80\tools\binn\dtspkg.dll)
'Run package stored in file C:\DTS_UE\TestPkg\VarPubsFields.dts.
On Error GoTo error
    Dim oPackage    As DTS.package
    Dim oStep       As DTS.Step
    Dim oTask       As DTS.Task
    Dim oCustTask   As DTS.ExecutePackageTask
    Dim strUser As String
    Dim strPass As String
    Dim strPackageName As String
    Dim strWinUserName As String
    Dim varErrorCode As Variant
    strWinUserName = Environ("USERNAME")
    strPackageName = "dtsRADPositionRTU"
    strUser = "xxxxxx"
    strPass = "xxxxxx"
    Set oPackage = New DTS.package
    oPackage.LoadFromSQLServer strSQLserver, strUser, strPass, DTSSQLStgFlag_Default, strPass, , , strPackageName
    oPackage.GlobalVariables("strDwgName").value = Left(ThisDrawing.Name, Len(ThisDrawing.Name) - 4)
    oPackage.GlobalVariables("strCADUser").value = strWinUserName
    oPackage.FailOnError = True
    Set oPackage = Nothing
    RunPublishDTS = Err.Number
    Exit Function
RunPublishDTS = Err.Number
MsgBox Err.Description
End Function

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Anthony PerkinsCommented:
I would have to guess that you do not have the workflow set up correctly.  I suggest you post an iamge of the DTS Package here with all the relevant explanations of their functions.
Did you manage to solve the problem SpaceManagers?
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