Terminal Server licensing failover

I would like to have a basic form of disaster recovery for my terminal server license server.  We have citrix and in the event we need to move to our DR site I am wondering how to address the TS licensing issue.   The other roles associated with the licensing server are not that important thus I am not so keen on have a virtual backup of the machine in the DR site (It would be less work and physical server resources to bring it up in the DR site).  Is there a grace period that I can run with while the TS license server is unavailable?  Or, is there a simple way to install another TS license server without purchasing addtional licenses?  
Many Thanks
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btreeAuthor Commented:
Yes saw that earlier today.  Wished I had not had to dive in to the details of the documents to find the answer, hence I posted here.  The answer therefore is:
"Per-user mode terminal servers do not allocate CALs to client; rather they simply check to see if a valid license server exists on the network and if so, will allow the connection. The only weak link here is in the ability to contact a license server. As long as license servers are available, clients will be able to connect." ....
"When terminal servers are in per-user mode, the solution is simple. Deploy two activated license servers, placing all license tokens on one license server, and ensure both license servers are discoverable. In fact, it isnt even functionally required that license tokens be installed on either of the license servers. By placing all license tokens on a single license server, you simplify backup and recovery of the licensing infrastructure."

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