Exchange 2003 Asking for User Name and Password when trying to open a mailbox

We have added a new Exchange 2003 server into an existing administrative group. We have created a few test mailboxes on the new server using Active Directory Users and Computers. However when I try to open one of these mailboxes whilst logeed in as me I get asked for a user name and password. My acount can open mailboxes on any other server in the domain, including the other server in the same administrative group. If we login as the actual person then we can open these mailboxes no problem. It is only when logged in as an administrator we cannot do it.
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Sounds like you don't have the Receive As permission on the mailbox.

The Receive As permission is normally denied to admins.  See

This is because many organisations consider e-mail to be private and confidential information and admins shouldn't have direct access.

You need to adjust the security for your accounts to allow your admins to open mailboxes.


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It will ask for the security credentials. Please check the security tab of the user properties, if you have full security access to the user with "send as" and "receive as" permissions attribute allowed. Then only you can access the mailbox without any pop up.

IAMExcAuthor Commented:
Thanks mate nice one. Sorted us right out
You're welcome, it's a bit of a gotcha, that one :)
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