Server with Good Outgoing Bandwith

I'm looking for a company that offers good 3000 gigs to 5000 gigs a month outgoing bandwidth.   Does anybody know of any companies that offer good deals on outgoing bandwidth?
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Not an answer, but a suggestion to use unambiguous terminology. Bandwidth is usually used to indicate line speed rather than usage limits over a given period (day, week, month, year).
You may also be interested in SLA (service level agreements) that define a maximum average usage figure, rather than a static fixed limit.
have a look at - they seem really cheap with large limits on their higher spec boxes

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Try - they have been very reliable for me.
I don't see why the question should be deleted with a refund when there has been zero response from the asker.  Wasting the time of experts is not an acceptable practice.
I suggest PAQ, so that some of the useful information will be preserved.
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