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3d graphics C#

Please answer my  doubts ,

1, What is the difference between openGL and csGL... are they same..I am using openGL in c++ and csGL in Csharp.
2, Is it possible to create 3D graphics in Csharp by using WPF ( Windows presentation Foundation) or I  have to use csGL also?
Expalin me clearly about CSGL, WPF....
1 Solution
Bob LearnedCommented:
Hmmm, CSGL is a wrapper class for OpenGL and SDL, so it can provide a little more than just OpenGL by itself.  Plus, it makes referencing OpenGL easier.  

WPF does support 3-D graphics.  Here is a reference:

3-D Graphics

Windows Presentation Foundation is XAML based, and is significantly different from WinForms-based graphics.

Just to add a couple of things to TheLearnedOne, If you are familiar whith c++'s opengl, i would recommend or CSGL or the TAO framework (http://www.taoframework.com/) for using OpenGL with c#, it's very simmilar to C++. About WPF, in my opinion, it's quite slow if your 3d needs are more than showing a couple of 3d objects. Lastly, you have ManagedDirectX, which you can easily use in C#, but in my opinion, opengl is clearer and easier than managed directx. Good luck!

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