Backing up TempDB and Templog.ldf

I have just noticed our tempdb is way too big.  I am going to fix this, but I need to know if we need to be backing up our tempdb (I don't think so) and templog.ldf?  Tempdb is around 5 gigs big.
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You don't really need to back it up too the data is cleared out when the db server restarts.  I would make sure there aren't too many open temp tables and uncommitted transactions....try shrinking the file and truncating the log.

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Whic file is larger the .mdf (database file) or .ldf (log file)? If its the log file, it may help to do a backup, but probably won't help with the underlying problem, check out this article:
r270baAuthor Commented:
Sorry for the delayed reply.  

So I have changed the autogrow (I think) to a max size of 500MB for the mdf file and left the ldf file with no restrictions.  Is this correct?

Also, do I actually NEED to be backing this up?
No need to back it up.
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