How do I create a page in Oracle APEX on a table with 28 columns and 1500 rows with NO paging?

How do I create a Template Form to provide basic edit capability on a single table which has 28 columns and 1500+ rows?

I want to avoid paging and have ALL rows displayed in the table availale for editing.  I.e. no "pages 1-15 Click <here> for next".  Everything should be available in a single HTML table, with the browsers scroll bars providing the navigation.

Seems like a simple thing but I just don't see how this is possible.

Many thanks,

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Here's the description,it's pretty simple with  APEX wizard:
engerdAuthor Commented:
Hi Oleggold,
Hmmm ... I don't see the ability to display a table with 1500+ rows in it, with 20+ columns.  Your suggestions relate to small amounts of text displayed inside a text region.

I'd like to have a Tabular Form onto a basic table with 1500+ rows, 28 columns, with no pagination into lumps of 15 or so rows as is the default for most form templates.

I have been through several tutorials and manuals and can't see where such a config is described.
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