Nortel VPN Client and Citrix

I have Nortel VPN Client installed on my local machine.  After rebooting, I cannot connect to my citrix servers?  That appears to be the only thing affected after installing the vpn client.  I can access all network resources with no problems, ping the citrix servers with no problems, but cannot connect to them.

Anyone have anything like this happen?  Any suggestions?

Thank you
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cas_threeAuthor Commented:
I discovered that if I turn Windows Firewall off, I'm able to connect with no problems.  I have tried adding tcp port 1494 and udp port 1604, but still no luck.  Any ideas?
Try allowing 2598 as well; that is the Session Reliability port and may come into play depending on how your system is configured.  

You can see this by dropping your Windows Firewall, connecting to the server, and then doing a netstat (you could also use tcpview or some other program like it).  You should see your connections and ports there too.  

Citrix will use:
-80/443 for a Web Interface and or Secure Gateway
-1494-tcp for the ICA session or 2598 if using Session Reliability
-1604-udp if you are using legacy connection methods (return traffic would come back on an ephemeral UDP port so you must then open 1024-65535)

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cas_threeAuthor Commented:
Thank you so much!! Port 2598 was the answer.
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